Cheap Yet Cool Cameradojo Drones

  • A cheap yet durable camera drone from
  • Artsy photos and lively videos despite using affordable camera drones
  • Elevating camera angles with the use of drones from

Cameradojo is definitely your photography site online. They offer only the best tools for you to have the best photos and videos. Many are rooting for this photography site, though, because it has a complete package, from tools to tutorials to trainings, Cameradojo is enhancing the way you handle and deal with your videos and images.


This site has that list of drones that can significantly improve your camera angles. Drones have taken over these tripods in terms of mobility. These mini planes that you can attach your camera with is reaching new heights as far as effects is concerned. And the good thing about Cameradojo is that you can achieve this kind of photography by simply using an affordable camera.

Just because you have an affordable camera drone with you doesn’t mean you are in no business to produce quality photos and videos. On the contrary, these affordable camera drones functions like an expensive equipment, capable of creating a unique bird’s eye view take on a scene.

Isn’t it amazing that you can have that effect out of using an affordable camera drone? In the old days, you have to spend much for you to be able to come up with images that are worthy of publication, aside from adulation, of course. You need to have expensive, sophisticated gadgets to create equally sophisticated effects on your photos.

Now that you know the very definition of a great camera drone, maybe it’s about the time you buy one of the unique gifts for photographers, something that they can carry with them at all times. These drones would put their images on top of the photography chain. What a way to make an impression!

Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean of low quality. More often than not it only means affordable. Like when you buy supplements from iherb, with a coupon code with you, you’ll be able to buy cheap yet effective supplements that makes you up and ready while doing your photography session even on a daily basis.

Today, however, everything is quite possible without sacrificing much of your budget, that is, if you go the Cameradojo way. This affordable camera drone in their collection is more than enough for you to achieve the kind of photography you’ve always dreamed of.

Reasons Why Photographers Use Sleeklens Workflows


  • Photographers are often bombarded with many photos that have to be edited at a short span of time
  • Sleeklens workflows help them to be creative but work faster and more efficiently
  • Sleeklens offers many products that are affordable and of great quality

Workflows work great for everyone. However, they work best for photographers who have to deal with an overwhelming number of photos for a rather short time. Photo editing is not always hassle free, especially if you’ll have to deal with a lot of photos at once.


Professional photographers deal with tens to thousands of photos almost regularly as they have to deal with many different clients.  In such moment photographers seek the help of workflows to help them beat deadlines.

When doing a random search about Sleeklens products in the internet, you’ll find that professional photographers enjoyed Sleeklens workflows. The positive feedback that the company is getting is for a variety of reasons.

Professional photographers enjoyed Sleeklens workflows because it allows them to play around with their photos due to the wide selection of presets and brushes to choose from. Each Adobe workflow you download from the website  is a super package with a lot of products that aim to help photographers create eye catching photos in just a few clicks.

professional photographers enjoyed Sleeklens workflows also because they’re extremely affordable. Okay, it may not be the cheapest workflows in the world, the amount of quality products you get from a single purchase compensates for the amount that you paid.

The  company also gives directions on how to install the presets and brushes to your work area so there’s no need to stress about not being able to do it just because you just started using Lightroom or Photoshop.  Overall, Sleeklens workflows have helped lots of photographers, so why aren’t you downloading your own workflows yet?

Reviewing Your Wedding Pics with Lightroom Presets

  • Reading comprehensive reviews about Lightroom presets for wedding
  • Getting more information when editing wedding photos
  • Tips on how to edit and enhance photos through Lightroom presets

In case you forget, you need this wedding Lightroom preset review for your wedding photos.


It might be trivial to some, but reading a wedding Lightroom preset review will definitely pay dividends in the long run.

As soon as you secured a sophisticated camera, you may even have employed a drone, just so you can highlight your wedding ceremony in a variety of ways, but if you’re still at a loss on how to improve or even edit these photos, your preparation might prove to be worthless.

So take some time out and read this wedding Lightroom preset review. In it, you will learn and discover how to handle these images so you can present them with pride and pleasure, seeing these raw reactions from your viewers how awesome your wedding day was.

And you can never do that unless you have read this wedding Lightroom preset review.

Lightroom doesn’t leave you empty-handed. This app don’t just sell presets just for the sake of it, it also gives clients a chance to become photographers in their own right, through the tips that they can get out of these reviews.

So a wedding Lightroom preset review has its own unique value, because it allows you to enhance that already enhanced scene at your wedding. These reviews give you insights on how to improve certain scenes that would generate much liking, not to mention the memories attached to it.

What’s stopping you from reading this wedding Lightroom preset review? A short time reading it won’t hurt your time preparing for your wedding. It’s worth your time, really, and worth a strategy for the editing of your wedding photos.

A Short Guide to Installing Lightroom Presets

  • A quick look at how to install Lightroom presets
  • Using Lightroom presets to enhance photos
  • A collection of photo-enhancing tools with special features available online

There has been a lot of buzz about Lightroom presets lately. In fact, it has now become a word of mouth every time a beautiful photo comes out, whether on magazines or on trendy websites. But the question is, how to install Lightroom presets?


Unless you know how to install Lightroom presets, you won’t appreciate its value because every good photo that comes out of Lightroom starts with its installation.

So, here’s how to install Lightroom presets:

First stop, you need to open Lightroom. And after opening it, immediately go to Edit, then Preferences and then Presets (in that order).

As soon as you’re through with the Edit feature, you need to click that box (Show Lightroom Presets Folder). Then proceed by double clicking on Lightroom, followed with another double click, this time on Develop Presets.

Copy the folder, or folders for that matter, into Develop Presets. And then restart Lightroom.

At the outset, it looks so simple, though, because it is indeed simple to install Lightroom presets. Now, it may take a while for some to install these things, especially to those who are not that tech-savvy, but as soon as they get the hang of it, they will find it a joy to install these apps.

What we have here is just a quick take on how to install Lightroom presets into your PC or mobile phones. But do some explorations along the way when you install these things, because that’s where the fun is. There are tons of free Lightroom presets online. For sure, there’s going to be more installations in the coming days, and more beautiful pictures in the long run.

Three of the Best Quadcopters of 2016

  • Do you want to know the best quadcopters of 2016?
  • Three of the Best Quadcopters of 2016
  • Most users prefer buying copters with HD camera quality

Do you want to know the best quadcopters of 2016? Well, I certainly know that finding the best quadcopter with high-quality HD camera is not easy. With hundreds of quadcopter brands sold in the market, you’ll surely have a hard time choosing one. So, in this article, I will help you choose quadcopters wisely with the three of the best quadcopters of 2016.


I would totally go for quadcopter if you want to fly long distance and these flying devices that we are about to discuss are among the top choices of most users and have proven to provide great features and performance. So here it goes:

Holy Stone Quadcopter

Most users prefer buying copters with HD camera quality and this specific quadcopter brand contains an overall great performance. Also, this holy stone, mini drone copter provide features that can help you boost your aerial photography skills  since it allows you to control and fly this copter without having a hard time resolving issues.

UDI U818A Quadcopter

When buying a quadcopter with camera, you have to be aware about the advantages and disadvantages of it. This UDI U818A quadcopter with camera is actually my number one and priority choice since it can capture images both in daylight and dark mode in HD quality. Also, this contains a user-friendly controls and design that allows you to control it easily.

Night Hawk Quadcopter

This night hawk quadcopter is basically developed for beginners. It contains understandable features so that amateurs can easily use it. With this device, you don’t have to spend a lot of time reading its manual and user reviews. The copter also contains a 2MP with 720px HD video cam.

Capturing Moments in Sports with Some Help from Your Sports Video Camera

  • Using sports video cameras in capturing major sports events
  • A photography shop online that offers comprehensive reviews of sports video camera
  • Detailed moments in sports with some help from a sports video camera

Some of the best photos you can get online come from sports. Whether it’s the Wimbledon, the NBA Finals or images from your Monday Night Football, images from these events capture the imagination like no other.

Thanks in part to that sports video camera. These images wouldn’t be made possible without these cameras around. The detailed look of a dejected player after a devastating loss or the exuberance of these players scoring an upset over the defending champions are some of the most vivid scenes you can get out of these sports video cameras.

Now, if you’re a budding photographer, these are the scenes you need to be aware of. And you can further enhance them with some help from your sports video camera. So you need to use a camera that is also capable of enhancing intricate details for you to instill character or drama to that particular image.

And so it is best that you read some reviews first before buying that sports video camera. There’s a lot of sites online that offers reviews about these types of cameras, though, but nothing compares to Best Action Cam Reviews when it comes toc equipment appraisals.

In it, you’ll be able to read detailed descriptions of a particular sports video camera, complete with ratings, specifications and even its price tags. Best Action Cam Reviews is the ultimate site for your sports video camera, because it is the only site that offers a detailed report of a particular equipment, thereby allowing you to save time and resources when buying it.

Check out their site right now, so you can start producing some of the best sports photos ever posted online.

Hosting Great Parties

  • Introduction about events and parties
  • How to send invitations with style
  • Where can you get great templates to use

Events and parties for a specific occasion can sometimes be troublesome to prepare. But, as the host or organizers, it is your job to make it as awesome and as memorable as possible. No one likes going to a boring and uneventful party, so you need to do everything humanly possible to not make it suck.(Pardon my French) The best way to do this is to provide great entertainment and great food as well. But in order to pique the interest of your invited guests, first you need to make sure you get their attention. Make them become interested with your event. The best way to do that is to make sure you send out great invitations.

Send invitations with style. You don’t have to design it. You can just use a template. But you have to make sure that the template you send perfectly fits the mood of the event you are hosting or organizing. Most organizers(at least not the good ones) usually overlook this part of the preparation. They forget that the invitation is what really sets the mood of the event. A great invitation should have all the relevant information of the event. You have to make sure though that the details are very clearly stated in the invitation. Make sure that the graphics doesn’t hinder the readability of the information in the invitation.

When you have a great invitation, people will surely become interested in going to your party because that shows that you are well prepared and that in turn will guarantee the guests that they are not just wasting their time when they attend your event. So, make sure to send invitations with style. It is an investment to having a great and memorable event.

Member Pages

Below are links to the web pages of IAPP members. Click on a members 
name to visit their site. Clicking an  lets you send E-mail to that member. If you are a member of IAPP and would like your page added to the list, e-mail your address to Warren.
IAPP is not responsible for the contents of the following links. 

Everen Brown – The  Everen T. Brown Advertising Info Page  
Globuscope Pan Camera, Panoramic World Photo Book and more.
Colin Bullard – The Melba Studios Pty. Ltd.  
Colins business web site. Soon to have a rotating cirkut #10 animated gif.
Peter Burg  – Burg Photographix  
Professional photographer with lots of pan images.
Joseph DeRenzo  – Panoramics NorthWest  
Digital Services information along with images and camera information.
Ken Duncan  – Gallery Online  
A very nice site showcasing Ken’s work. You can even send a free multimedia panorama from this site.
Michel Dusariez  – Optician – Underwater Vision – Stereo 3D  
Michel’s page with info on his interests and endeavors. His page is in French.
Bob Erickson  – The PanStore  
Your source for everything panoramic.
David Firman – Panoramic Web Gallery  
Lots of cirkut images and some QuickTime VR examples.
John Gateley  – Panoramics NorthWest 
Nice business site with images and camera information.
Tom Hathcock – Tom Hathcock Photography 
Pan images and a great animated cirkut camera spinning.
Val Heinold – Otto-Borlav Corporation  
A very nice site with Surround Video images. You will need the Surround Video plug-in.
Nicholas M. Hellmuth – Better Light System  
Panorama and turntable (rollout) service available for Europe, Asia and especially Latin America. Complete digital imaging including virtual Reality and Virtual Museums.
Denis Hill – The Hill Group 
Panoramic landscapes, cityscapes, and 360 degree concert images. Also marketing writing to help boost yout business-to-business photographic endeavors. Site features information on immersive environments (QTVR, PanoramIX, etc.).
Stephen Joseph – P.O.V. Mount Diablo
An interactive multimedia documentary about Stephen. 
Jutvision – Java Based VR Technology   
The world’s first Java Panoramic VR Technology, allows web surfers to view 360 degree video footage, photographs or computer renderings in real time.
Ed Kalin  – The Panoramic Imaging Zone  
Tons of panoramic related information can be found here. 
Brad Lapayne  – Lapayne Photography  
Specializes in cirkut photography – lots of images.
Roy Latham – Panoramic Web Page 
Lots of panoramic pictures here.
Sandy Levy  – Levy Photo  
Professional photographer with lots of pans.
Peter and Addie Lorber  – Custom Panoramic Lab  
A nice business site with lab information, Roundshot information and a panoramic gallery.
Paul Martens – And International Publishers
Check out (and download) Paul’s screensavers on his client’s web site.
Les Palenik  – Advantica  
Helping businesses to develop leading-edge software and innovative visual presentations.
James R. Pearson  – Three Oaks Photography  
Lots of info on Jim and his photography with links to rail road web sites too.
Peter Randall  – Peter E. Randall Publisher  
This site provides information about Peter’s subsidy publishing program, includes catalogues for titles from Peter E. Randall Publisher and the Portsmouth Marine Society, and offers a introduction to his photography.
Doug Segal  – Panoramic Images
Stock photo agency specializing in panoramic images.
Stanley Stern  – Fine Art Pans  
Links to other panoramic information here too.
Jeffry Ullman  – PanoramIX by IBM  
Check out IBM’s new interactive web application using panoramas, take a “Virtual Tour” of the Hilton in New York City.
John Warner – Warner Photography, Inc. 
John’s business site with samples of his images including some QTVR pans.
Fred Yake  – Photographic Services, Inc.  
Fred’s business page with samples of his pan images.
Alan Zinn  – Panoramic Silver Prints  
Examples and information on Panoramic Silver Prints.




The International QuickTime VR Association is a Professional Association which promotes and supports the use of QuickTime VR and related technologies worldwide.


Sacred Worlds is a project inviting individuals to explore a challenging theme using QT3.0 media. Click the logo for the official Sacred Worlds website for more information. WrinklesHeadline

A Wrinkle In Time (The First)
Sunday December 21st, 1997

Wrinkle 2 – A Global Moment In Time
Relive the 1998 Equinox
March 20th/21st

Exploring the World of Photo Editing

  • The photo editing industry has been consistently growing
  • People are so meticulous with how they want their images to look like.
  • Editing thousands of images is not easy

Basically, there are a lot of professional photographers out there who hire people to edit their images to make it look good and amazing. They do it because they want to save a lot of time from processing hundreds and even thousands of images. They know how to edit images but they chose to employ people to do the work for them.

The photo editing industry has been consistently growing which makes the photography world more meaningful and less complicated. Photographers are depending on these editing software because it can make their editing process simple and faster.

However, photo editing doesn’t eradicate the essence of shooting high-quality images using an advanced and well-adjusted DSLR digital camera. It is only a choice that photographers made for them to have smooth and easy workload.

In today’s time, people are so meticulous with how they want their images to look like. They want everything to be perfect and outstanding. That’s why it is necessary for photographers to modify images the best they can to improve the quality and the value of the images they provide for their clients. It is no surprise why most photo editing businesses like Image retouching have been increasing for years because they know it will give them good number of sales.

Moreover, photographers have been using these photo editing tools because they too, can earn from it. They can create ready to use Lightroom, Photoshop and other workflows and sell it online with a cheaper and reasonable price.

Editing thousands of images is not easy and it requires adequate skill before you can master the art of editing photos like a pro. You have to be familiar with things like color tones, corrections, color balancing, fading, silhouettes and more.